Gregory D. Lee

Gregory D. Lee

Criminal Justice Consultant and Expert Witness


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I've recently relocated from California to Washington State; however I will be residing in California on a limited part-time basis. I'm available to speak with you by phoning (831) 920-7367. Or, you can Email me at: In the event you need to express ship material to me, I will provide you with a physical address.


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Practical Criminal Evidence is published by Prentice Hall. It is available on and college book stores.


Prentice Hall is the publisher of Conspiracy Investigations: Terrorism, Drugs and Gangs, by Gregory D. Lee.


"Greg Lee draws upon not only his teaching years but also his experiences as a DEA agent and supervisor in both domestic and international assignments. This has enabled him to write a cook that is straightforward, easy to comprehend, and is ideally suited for both domestic and international law enforcement officers as a reference book on drug investigations."

Jack Zalewski, Chief, International Training Division, Drug Enforcement Administration (Ret.)